The Shark Dive

During one of our previous trips to South Africa when it was just the two of us, we had attempted to do a shark dive - diving in a cage in the water with Great White Sharks - but with no luck. The day out on the ocean was stunning, but the sharks, otherwise known as Johnny Uptails, didn’t come out to play and we left disappointed. In the planning of this trip, we decided that we had to try and do this again, and we booked our dive. After the confirmation the day before, we set off for Mossel Bay from our temporary home in Knysna. What we didn’t realize at the time was the number of tourists )other than ourselves) that were on the roads - and - the final few minutes to get to and find the offices of the dive company were a little tense. After the briefing on the trip, we walked down from the offices to the harbor and climbed on our ride for the open ocean, the Shark Warrior. A 15 minute boat ride out from the harbor and the boat anchored. The captain started to give his information on the afternoon’s activities, when two sharks made an appearance - the first being a 3.2m (about 12 foot) shark and a smaller 1.8m (about 6 foot) shark. Frantic preparations from the crew to get the cage in the water and the first group, including Deb and Octavious (Mark was sick - not sea sick - flu sick) were in the cage and viewing the sharks up close and personal. They stayed in the cage for about 15 minutes while the crew enticed the sharks closer and closer to the cage to get much closer viewing. Two more groups in and out of the cage and suddenly it was time to take our leave of our water bound friends and head back to the harbor, the office to get our tee shirts and souvenirs and the drive back to our overnight stay in Knysna.