Addo Elephant Park

After the weekend in Johannesburg, it was time to head to probably our favorite game park in South Africa, Addo Elephant Park close to Port Elizabeth. The short flight from Johannesburg got us into a sunny Port Elizabeth, and picking up the rental car. Wait - everything is on the other side of the car and people are driving on the other side of the road - oh - of course - we are in South Africa. Quick adaptation to the driving conditions took up heading north up the coast towards Addo. A stop at a very conveniently placed Spar supermarket for food and supplies for our cabin and we headed to the park. Checked into the park and then headed to our cabin at the Matyholweni Rest Camp. This is a new rest camp in the newly expanded southern section of the park that hadn’t been available the last time that we were at Addo. After dropping the cases and putting food and drinks into the fridge, we headed off into the park for an afternoon of game spotting. Being that we had never been to this part of the camp before, it was a little frustrating finding our way through the thick bush until we reached the open plains and there came the hoards of animals - elephant, zebra, red hartebeest and warthogs to name a few. After the game splitting, it was back to the cabin to start the wood braai (BBQ) and cook some good South African steaks and the nook through our pictures from the first day. The next morning, bacon and eggs on the balcony of the cabin in the beautiful morning light and off we headed to head through the park to the north side of the park and areas that we were familiar with. Again, hoards of animals including a breeding herd of elephant that we had seen the afternoon before. Included in this breeding herd were two baby elephants - one about two and a half weeks old and the other about 3 weeks old. Also seen on this long days drive, the bones and hide of a buffalo that must have been killed or died a few weeks previously. However, the elusive lion that now inhabit the park were not seen. Day 3 broke with breakfast on the balcony again and packing up to head further down the coast to Knysna. But, we could not leave the park without trying to find those elusive lion. And, the patience was finally rewarded when, with the help of other visitors to the park, we were directed to a location where, from behind some bushes, two male lions sat and then finally lay down in the shade of a big tree to avoid what would be the heat of the day. The final sighting as we left the park - Octavious’ favorite - the flightless dung beetle. Another wonderful 3 days spent in the most wonderful park.